Create Colorful Yarn Spheres That Can Be Used As Indoor Decorations


Colorful yarn spheres can be strung together and used as festive garland that is draped from an entryway or can represent glowing orbs that are used as centerpieces. Use hand-dyed crafting yarn to make some decorations that can be displayed during traditional holidays or informal occasions.


  • hand-dyed crafting yarn
  • balloons (various sizes)
  • clear adhesive and water mixture
  • brush
  • pin
  • twine
  • light sticks or light strands
  • bowls

Wind Hand Dyed Yarn Around Balloons

Dark hues, neon colors, or pastels are used during the hand-dying process and provide crafting yarn with pigments that are reminiscent of a particular season or theme. Decide when you would like to add some color to your home and the occasion that the yarn spheres will be used for.

If you are having family over during the holidays, some festive red, green, gold, or silver hues that are displayed alongside one another may add a bit of cheer to an entryway or the overhang that leads to the room where a meal will be served.

Choose to make small, medium, or large spheres and purchase hand-dyed yarn and a couple packs of balloons. Blow the balloons up to the desired sizes that you would like a series of spheres to be. Create a glue and water mixture that is mostly glue and that contains a small amount of water so that you can easily stir the two components together. Wrap hand-dyed yarn around the first balloon and use a brush to coat the yarn with the glue and water mixture.

Use one distinct color or several different colors of yarn to cover each balloon. Make sure that the yarn is wrapped in several different directions so that the material will resemble a sphere, once the balloons have been popped and removed. Leave small gaps in the yarn-covered areas. This will ensure that you have enough room to insert strands of twine, light sticks, or string lights.

Set Up The Spheres

After you have wrapped yarn around the desired amount of balloons and applied the glue and water mixture, wait for the yarn strands to dry. The yarn will feel brittle when this occurs. Use a pin to pop the balloons. Remove the balloons from the center of each yarn sphere.

Use twine to string some of the spheres together. Tack both ends of the twine along the edges of a doorway or an overhang. For spheres that will be used as centerpieces, insert activated light sticks or light strands inside of the spheres, prior to placing the spheres inside of decorative bowls.


16 September 2020

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