Affordable Ways To Show Off Your Business' Name


If you own a business then you know that every dollar counts because if you spend it incorrectly then it's money that is down the drain and it puts your business at risk. When you are first starting out, you may think that you either have to go big or go home (literally), but there are some more affordable ways to show off your business's name without going into a lot of debt.

Get Window Graphics

Window graphics are an affordable way to show your business's name, the business hours, and the services that you provide. All you have to do is work with a removable window graphics company to print your company's logo, your hours, your phone number, and some other information. These companies should be able to draft up some examples for you of how everything will look when you use different types of fonts. 

Once your window graphics are printed, all you have to do is peel and stick them onto a clean window surface from the inside so that they don't get affected by the weather. 

Chalkboard on the Sidewalk

In addition to having window graphics put on your store windows, you should also consider setting up a chalkboard on the sidewalk in front of your store. When you have some additional signage,  it will help to attract people to your store as they are walking or driving by. The great thing about chalkboards is that they are super affordable and lightweight so you can move it inside every day. When you are writing on your chalkboard, just make sure that you write clearly and that you make the font thick enough for people to see from far away.

Car Graphics

Another fun way to show off your business's name is with car graphics. Whether you have your entire car wrapped in your company's name and logo or you just decide to have some window graphics put on the back, this is a great way to get people interested in your business. Another benefit of having car graphics done is that they can typically be a tax write-off which will save you some money every year. 

When you can save money, you should take advantage of it and these are effective ways for you to do just that while also capturing people's attention. To learn more about all types of window graphics, reach out to a company like DCM Inc.


7 February 2020

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