3 Art Projects To Make With Flour Sack Towels


Flour sacks were traditionally made of woven cotton. In modern times, bags of flour are traditionally sold in paper or plastic bags. However, the name "flour sack towels" stuck when it comes to a type of towel made from woven cotton.

Flour sack towels come in white and natural cotton colors. They're inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk. Their plain appearance and cotton fabric make flour sack towels a great canvas for many art projects. When decorating flour sack towels, you can let your imagination go wild or take your cues from crafts that people have made before. Here are three projects you can do with flour sack towels:

1. Practice your embroidery skills

Embroidery allows crafters to create pictures and designs using thread on fabric. Embroidery is a type of decorative sewing that anyone can do. Whether you're an experienced fiber artist or a newbie, there are always new stitches to learn. One of the best ways to learn new embroidery stitches is by making samplers. Samplers combine various stitches to create pleasing patterns and beautiful colors.

Flour sack towels make a great ground for embroidery samplers. You can simply place your flour sack towel in an embroidery hoop to give it the right tension and start stitching. Once you're finished, your embroidery sampler towel can be displayed as decoration or used as a hand towel in your bathroom or kitchen.

2. Create holiday gifts using printing techniques

Holiday shopping can be difficult, especially when the people you know seem to have everything. Avoid giving dull gifts by giving your family members and friends something homemade. Handcrafted items make wonderful holiday presents. You can use your block printing or screen printing skills to make holiday-themed flour sack towels for all the special people in your life. If you're having fun and don't want to stop there, you can keep making additional holiday towels to sell at local craft fairs.

3. Finger paint with kids

Kids of all ages love painting. Small children may be too young to comfortably hold paintbrushes. Fortunately, no child is ever too young to finger paint. Kids love finger painting because of the colors and textures. Plus, the chance to make a "mess" is always appealing to children. To make finger-painted tea towels with your kids, start with nontoxic paint in a few fun colors. Pour the paints into disposable containers large enough for kids' hands. You can let your kids make their own designs or offer guidance to very young children, helping them to dip their fingers in the trays of paint to create handprints and other unique patterns.


30 June 2021

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